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The Sellout

If I'm honest, this is the best groove I've ever been in. I've been rapping for 15+ years and this feels like a culmination of sorts. It's been so dope to come into my own artistically, spiritually, and personally so I really just want to celebrate this place...because it took a WHOLE LOT to get here.

The concept itself can be summed up in the reality that you can't please everyone. In the process of maturing I've realized that someone, somewhere will think I've compromised or "sold out" in some fashion. It's my own fault to a degree because over the years I've been so outspoken about internal church issues or cultural controversies. While I have no regrets in taking the stances I took at the time, I've also brought into context what I've had to learn through it all. That being said, it's been tough trying to find my place in the various environments I found myself in. Some think I don't think with enough theological depth, while say I've always been "too deep." Some say my music is too abstract, some say it's too preachy. Some say that my social media usage is too self-centered and vain, while others feel like it gives too much religious rhetoric. Some would say I'm starting to sound worldly, some would say I talk so much about church stuff the world can't relate.

Where I land is the realization that God have given me grace to be me. I don't celebrate who I am as if I represent some renaissance of what humanity should strive to become, but I am simply thankful to navigate through diversity of thought. To everyone who wants me to choose a side ("their" side), I blissfully stroll into enemy lines gripping the good news of my redemption along with a sort of hopeful curiosity that propels me to gain understanding from unfamiliar sources. With that, I embrace the "sellout" label, because I can't sell what is not mine...I've already been bought with a price. I simply seek to challenge my perspectives and share the journey.

Enjoy the music.