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Woah. I'm 30.

Without a so much as a longing wave, I bid my 20's adieu. I am a sentimental soul, so I could spend so much time recollecting on past experiences of a young, skinny Taelor who wore graphic tees over top of button-ups and was bought a promise ring to commemorate a long-distance relationship. I could remember the first forays into living in an apartment, swearing off of scary movies, and blowing my commission checks on rental cars for weekend dates with a smile. I was such a different lad then.

My 20's taught me to be a man. I've still much to learn, but my footing is certainly much surer than the first month I spent adjusting to the reality of living with my wife. My walk with the Lord is better shaped than the times I used to position my righteousness above others just because I used a King James Version Bible...because other Christians just couldn't be serious, right? Ah, the days of traveling for different music showcases and consistent rehearsals for an opportunity that never quite seemed to come. Then there were the bickering wars with my parents over the silliest things, when at the end of the day I would come to ask them to help me pay for a major car repair or an overdraft fee. My glasses seemed to get bigger and thicker for sure.


I greet 30 with an epiphany that I am in fact set in some ways. I understand much of what caused me heartache in my younger years was due to my own decisions. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get rid of my graphic tees and liquidate my sneaker collection. However, some items I have become more violently attached to and will not be taken from me (Batman will endure these decades).

Thanks for letting me see 30, Lord. Give me clear sight and prevent me from making it, as some say, dirty.