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Sellout Intro Lyrics/Inspiration

We're on these Illustrative stanzas
Corded mic stances
Old school dances for
Gentlemen and damsels
Im chilling in a pair of black wranglers
I live a double meaning kinda like the black ranger
On this Mastodon throw this in your trunks
Swimming pool vernacular influences from Nasty Nas
I'm tryna slow it up, some be stuck on half speed
I'm backhanded, like the beat be tryna sass me
Trend topic like its super cool to blaspheme
Emblems and cymbalism crashing let the brass ring
Echoes carry through heaven's halls
But there's no response, the cross already said it all
It's been finished, so why the church be panicking
American entitlement think everyone's fan of us
Catch you falling from Olympus, these audio Olympics
Swinging for the fences like a ball tipped blade
Yeah homie that's the difference

...that's the difference

They finding pastors in massage parlors
That touch the Body where it hurts, somehow it makes you nod harder

God's martyrs fill the sky with cheers
That picture fills my eyes with tears...it's all worth it, let's me know my God is here              Yeah It's worth it- they ain't force it man I volunteered. If you still searching for a reason you can find it here

God is here, this ovation make the ground shake
I saw the clouds break, so what I want with poundcake?
See I was found, searching- Nicodemus
Old school's churches singing Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Winning be the hashtag
Since before beginning like infinity has flashbacks still it's
even past that...the opposite of abstract- believe it
This one's for the dreamers
Yeah I'm sellin out
And I'm gon' belt it out, cuz Truth is what my belt is bout
Swoope told me pull my pants up
I gave mom n dad a grandson
Jay just gave you samsung
And they say I'm selling out
We just watched and let Him die just to let a felon out
That good news get it cracking like a vinyl record
I had a Savior way before I had a Bible reference

God's martyrs fill the sky with cheers
That picture fills my eyes with tears...I think different, my will has gotten commandeered
I challenge anyone to walk this for a solid year
I promise you it's worth it when you know that God is here

stay tuned homie
They gon make room homie
Shout to the grey and scarlet
We just gettin started


This invocation is both an artistic pursuit of authenticity and a gleeful departure from the chains of doubt, insecurity, and stagnation. It is a declaration of total appreciation for the unique qualities only one person was created to display. It is a decision to believe, and to chase after the possibilities that escape the fearful, the timid, and the sulking. It is not merely finding one's self, it is discovering the Creator as an image bearer and celebrating a reconciled relationship with Truth. This is a decision to trust in unconditional Love...also an invitation to others to share in the same.