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Exit Row

Lauren: You're so close to me...keep waiting, keep waiting. I'll be with you soon Its gonna be the right time


I'm solo in the exit row...stretching and reclining tryna let this go 

Its like the less you know the better- these controversial politics shaping how we speak to homosexuals /But These parallels with slavery detestable 

I'm watching morals like what's next to go

Find me posted in the exit row/ Im running from my problems straight to Mexico 

Dodging conversation with this looker looking at me, said she S.G. Rho/ We been talking all night I gotta let you go

Gotta let this go my hypotheticals is crossing lines often times- it's seeming almost like inception tho

Thats the idea, yeah I deal in reality- but I veer/ Keep you eyes here- this that vision test/ Maybe just revisionist, my hindsight need that thick lens/ With some Ben Grimm type thick skin, do my thing

While I'm thinking bout our standards, Twisted in the lanyard...of humanistic answers

This is just me rhyming, just me riding like its Talledega on a sunny day/ Ricky Bobby and I run away/ Get the picture- sip the pitcher like a summer day--that's the cool Cool that tongue of Lazarus/ That's that new...fools gold that you stacking up, It's like you never have enough -you actin up

Like you stuntin on these h_es...But if you stunted you dont grow/ Ain't that somethin you stay stuntin with these gnomes/ Man yall look taller in the pictures...it's like these ballers got prescriptions

Guess that life ain't high enough/ This exit row ain't high enough, It's not like I ain't try enough- stuff it, roll it, light it up/ But now I light it up like my lighter up, and I be shining from that Midas touch and they won't ever silence us/ just waking sleepin giants up relying on your sciences- Judases and Caiaphas is never eye to eye with us but it's never eye for eye for us- it's no joy in revenge...No joy in this world till it ends...and we ascend 

You're so close to me...I'll keep waiting, keep waiting. I'll be with you soon Its gonna be the right time

To long for The Lord amidst all the cares of this world. The trumpets are fitting for this song.