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Almost Home lyrics/inspiration

Almost Home

He woke up with his hands shaking, screaming inside the veterans hospital 
The nurse gives him a sedative
Tears streaming down his face 
Quality of life got him thinking different bout medicine
Thinking different bout evidence
of God's Love
Now he's thinking different what heaven is
used to be perfectionist
Two amputated legs, just feeling out what his perspective is
His wife tried to her best to be a rock for him
She said its over, and its totally a shock to him 
Like God's mocking him, cursing at the sky in a moment of weakness
Lets the curses fly in the moment he's weeping, lonely and weak 
It's hard to find the sin in being suicidal...when your life is feelin kamikaze 
When it seem like the only present you can give is being absent from the body 

I'm almost home 

I hear em saying seeing is believing 
But the lens of the scripture only see us as bulimic
Appetite for futility
But after all the flashing light's the question of the afterlife weighs on our conscience 
Just one of life's constants
Clay jars, but we scared of the contents 
Used to blow my money in an Eastbay
In Columbus with a longing for a beach day
Now long days are so...cliche
seen too much like the Michael Sam replay 
See the agenda in lust for same genders
See the Olympics and underage gymnasts 
They tryna turn ministers to menaces
Shutting down businesses owned by the witnesses
Got them Faces flushed when they read em and weep
Guess that Freedom of speech gettin stripped so I'm tryna play my cards...Fleer
Tryna see it through...sheer
Counting it as precious, but I'm so torn cuz I don't want another second here
Can't see them snakes, see my homie dropping dead, it's shaking down my confidence
It's venom in them fangs
Penny for your thoughts like a copperhead
Show me where the monster is
From porches to Porsches caught up in this vortex till I come to
looking glass mystery -call me gumshoe
Show me where the parish is
Till I find home and even that life where it perishes...take away appearances, and show me who the fairest is


This song contrasts our fleeting life on earth and  the rest found in eternity. We suffer through human frailties as our mortality reminds us that there's an end in sight. An opportunity is then opened to display a hopeful view of life beyond the grave. In light of all the hardships and other-worldly groanings, we have a powerful reminder that this place does not house our lasting destination.

We can take with us a vision of the Fairest One that carries us through this life and dares us to hope for the life to come.