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2015 = The Window is Still Open

"P.O.P.- hold'n down..."

Sorry I couldn't resist...sad that she's going to jail though...well kinda not, because she was found guilty of a crime...ummm...yeah lets end it there.

And with those awkward words, the memory of 2014 takes its proper place. I began writing this entry at 10:05, and today is 1/15/15. If I were superstitious, I'd be all up in your grill with numerology and spooky destiny talk. Honestly, I'm just thankful for grace. The window of opportunity to make some great music is still in front of me, and I intend on taking full advantage this year.

Look for new sounds in the form of much rappery, creative experimentation, more cool collaborations, and an actual album this year. I am tempted to name drop, but I love the element of surprise even better. Plus I'm still hoping these guys will still want to work with me as the year goes on haha. Nevertheless- I'm dumb excited, son.

Cheers to taking seriously not taking myself too seriously. And making incredible records.