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In the quest to hone the craft of lyricism, every once in a while you may glance at a glimmer of your goal. After deciding to write to the instrumental of one of my favorite songs of all time, "Respiration" by Blackstar, I took the challenge of measuring up to Mos Def's classic intro verse. As I told my good friends Armond and BMoses, the chip on my shoulder was to write as if I was trying to make Mos' verse forgettable. Unreasonable? Laughable? Sure. However, it gave me some nice motivation. I'm thankful for the result:

I watch the ground collapse beneath our monuments
And write with the conviction of apocalyptic columnists
See this my messy Song of Solomon 
Lifetimes turn to moments, you can find me in them obits 
Walking dead, but never seen the shows perspective 
Heard it's kinda freaky so I pass it on my Netflix
That don't boost my Christian card, here to serve
But I barely mustered up the nerve to give my neighbors Christmas cards
See me tryna find the balance
Of dark commentaries and sing along ballads
A two-sided coin, the lens multi-faceted
Originality mistaken for a fashion sense
Contrasts between fascism or sacrament
The razor thin line between design or an accident
This is cultural paraphernalia 
Is it the just the kids or are these parents the failures
You can see the apparatus 
All these civil wars, I just look for Appomattox 
I'm so history buff homie- you see me flexin 
The answers reserved for students of the questions
Stay hungry- but skip Ramadan
My mission field extends from the sneakerhead to Comic Con
I just need a hymn (hem), my issue was blood
I just needed Him, on that fisherman Love
Yeah I'm Thinking that real
He made my feet beautiful- Tinker Hatfield 
Its so Jordanesque and we tryna leave legacies
So I tell the person in the mirror that he's dead to me